Topic: Fall Tree Care

Protect your trees and shrubs

Applying Anti-Desiccant to your trees, shrubs and sensitive plants in the fall will help prevent the damaging effects of winter kill and salt spray injury.

Winter kill is often the result of foliar moisture loss during the winter months. Evergreens and sensitive plants are good candidates for anti-desiccant protection.

Each year millions of tons of deicing salt are applied to roads and highways during the winter season to keep them safe for cars to travel.  However, excessive salt causes widespread damage to trees, which could lead to permanent decline and death. Salt deposits itself on the stems, buds and roots of trees. This causes disfigured foliage, stunted growth and severe decline in tree health. Anti-desiccant is a protective coating that we can apply to help prevent moisture loss.

Tree Colours Fantasy verses Fact

red leaves

A little fantasy…

Autumn colours have been celebrated in literature, legend, songs and works of art since ancient times. Legends include the mythical Jack Frost who supposedly brings reds and purples to the forest by pinching the leaves with his icy fingers. The hues of yellow, gold and brown are mixed on his paint palette and applied with quick broad strokes of his brush as he silently moves among the trees to decorate them. According to an Indian legend, celestial hunters kill a great bear in the autumn sky and its blood dripping on the forest change many leaves to red. Other trees are turned yellow by the fat that splatters out of the kettle as the hunters cook the meat.

A little fact…

Only a few places in the world have the combination of tree species and climatic conditions necessary for vivid fall foliage. It is our deciduous forests and trees with their many broad leaves, which change colour almost in unison, that display the most noticeable fall colour. Evergreen species also develop fall colouration, but the colour changes are slow and gradual. Many homeowners become unnecessarily alarmed in the autumn when the interior needles of their pines, spruces and firs turn colour. They mistakenly interpret this as a disease problem, not realizing that even evergreens seasonally shed older leaves. The eastern U.S. and southeastern Canada have weather conditions and deciduous trees favourable for brilliant fall colour…Of course, the introduction of exotic species to urban landscapes in areas where the trees are adapted, as well as the development of cultivars noted for their fall colour have increased the opportunities to see one of nature’s greatest treats.

Fall Soil Injected Fertilization – The Many Benefits

soil injected fertilization

The benefits of soil injected fertilization:

  • To help replenish sterile urban soils that do not get the opportunity for nutrient recycling.
  • To help strengthen diseased trees and provide nutrients where poor soil conditions exist.
  • To aid the establishment of young trees and assist older trees.
  • To provide nutrients for trees growing in adverse conditions (eg. parking lots, roadsides etc.)
  • To provide additional nutrition where trees are in competition for soil resources.
  • For general maintenance to ensure good plant health.

The residual quality of our fertilizer provides nutrient release for a two year period. This product also contains a complete package of secondary and micro nutrients complimented with Mycorrhizae beneficial fungi that will assist with water and nutrient intake for health root development and tree growth.