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Spring Tree Fertilization

Fertilization is performed for a number of reasons, which include:
• to help replenish sterile urban soils that do not get the opportunity for nutrient recycling
• to help strengthen diseased trees
• to aid the establishment of young trees
• to provide nutrients where poor soil conditions exist
• to provide nutrients for trees growing in adverse conditions 
• to assist older trees
• to increase the rate of growth

The residual quality of our fertilizer provides nutrient release throughout two seasons. This product also contains a complete package of secondary micro nutrients for healthy tree growth. We compliment our fertilizer with Mycorrhizae beneficial fungi. The fungi colonize the roots and help them to sequester water and nutrients from the soil. Some trees may have special needs that would require a complement of additional products such as chelated iron or soil acidifiers. These would be applied where needed.

You can now pay your bill through an Interac E-Mail money transfer

pay with interac e-transfer

Interac Email Money Transfer is a secure, simple and convenient way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another. If you have online access to an account in one of the five major participating financial institutions in Canada, you can now pay your bills for services through the Internet.

Interac Email Money Transfers let you send and receive money as fast as email – right out of or right into your bank account. If you already do your online banking, all you need to know is our email address so that you can send your payment to us. Our email address for payment is [email protected]. A service charge from your bank may apply, depending on your financial institution, therefore, you may want to check with your bank prior to using this payment method. Please call us if you have any questions at (416) 410-8770.