We wanted send a note of thanks you all at Four Seasons for an excellent service experience. Our whole experience with office staff, Shane doing quote and follow-up, and the crew of Rachel and Jamie on site (I hope I am remembering names correctly) was excellent.

Thanks for providing such great service and please pass along our thanks to all.


Andrew and Cindy

Hello Vivien,

Thank you for taking care of our trees!

I really appreciate the friendly and professional service of all the technicians who come to our property.

Best wishes to everyone at Four Seasons Tree Care!


Hello Sharon,

I would just like to share with you and Ken how happy Roger and I are with our experience with 4 Seasons Tree Care. Thank you Ken for your advice and knowledge of the trees and issues on our property. A huge thank you to Steve and Rachel, who worked so hard yesterday! It was a pleasure to watch and listen to them as they went about their craft of tree doctoring. I am so happy as I walk around our property and see more open, airy and happy trees! My roof is happy too! Would you please pass on my thanks to Ken, Steve and Rachel?

Thank you again!

Karin Anderson

Hi Sharon,

The crew left a few minutes ago leaving behind no mess or debris and trees pruned to flourish. I want to Thank you and tell you that each and every one of them was terrific. They worked together like a well rehearsed dance troupe. It was a delight to see them co-operate and move through the trees always with regard for each others safety.

I hope this will be a good spring/summer for all.


Dear Sharon,

We wanted to send a note to say thank you.  It was a pleasure to work with everyone from Four Seasons.  Starting with you and Vivien to request the quote, to speaking with Kevin and Christopher yesterday.  Everyone has been so professional, helpful and courteous.  It was great to meet Kevin and Christopher who were exceptionally courteous and professional.  They appeared to have their own gravity as all our neighbours were pulled in, soliciting tree advice.

Thank you again for your help with our tree removal. It is our pleasure to recommend Four Seasons for all tree work.

Kind regards,

Joanne & Martin


I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work the guys did yesterday.  They arrived promptly, made everything look as we had hoped, and cleaned up completely.  What more could we ask?

I think you can count on us for a “trim” of the same areas next year!


Hello Ken,

I just want to let you know that we have always been pleased and satisfied with all your staff and crew since November 2013. Communication is pleasant, prompt and efficient.

Stefan and Steve arrived early in the morning and worked to the best of their ability to make our landscaping look beautiful again! My neighbour commented that my back yard looks like James Garden.

The guys are friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and always professional. There was not a twig left on the ground after the clean up.

Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Mary & Mike

We wanted to send you a note to say thank you – and to commend you on your excellent staff. We’ve had two sets of gentlemen working on our property this year and both times we’ve had excellent, courteous, professional service. Today we had Stefan and his co-worker (can’t remember his name, sorry) and in the spring two other men that were equally professional.

We know how difficult it is to hire good staff and you are lucky to have such great guys working for you. We have recommended your services to our neighbours and friends, and we just wanted you to know how pleased we’ve been.

Keep up the good work!

Cathy & Michael

I want to let you know that we have always been very happy and satisfied with the professional work your specialists do for us.
On Friday April 1, 2016, Elliot Thompson arrived bright and early to work on the job assignment ordered by you.

Everything was done to perfection by Elliott. He knew exactly what needed to be done and everything went very smoothly. He was not only an expert at his job, but he was also very personable, respectful and knowledgeable.

Thank you once again for another great service!

Best Regards,

Mary & Mike

We have had our trees pruned, fertilized and maintained for over 15 years with Four Seasons Tree Care. They are always very professional provide top notch service and great advise.


I just want you to know that we are (once again) pleased and impressed with the quality of the work completed by your tree care specialists. (two years ago we had a large Austrian pine removed.) This week it was Ted who came to remove a Nootka false cypress and a Yew shrub. He was here on the dot of 8 o’clock, worked steadily and thoroughly until the work was finished and did a great job of cleaning up. But more than that we found him helpful, friendly and obliging. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who needs tree care.

Thanks again,


Good Morning, Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how impressed we were with your pruning/removals and aeration/vertical mulch services. From the beginning of the quoting process we received excellent guidance and advice from Ken. Sharon and Vivien responded to our telephone calls and email queries promptly and professionally.

The crew of certified arborists were great! Not only did they do a fantastic job pruning the various trees around the property and all the removals too. They took their time ensuring all the dead branches were removed and cut back giving good clearance in all areas for the tenants of the building and cleaned up the property, leaving it in pristine shape. The owner was extremely happy with the job and wanted to let you know.

I will certainly recommend your company to others looking for professional tree care services and will NOT hesitate to contact you again when in need of pruning and/or tree removal. Thanks again for the excellent service and pass on my thanks to the guys as well.


Stephen Hill, Building / Property Manager, Prinzen Properties Ltd.

I was SOOO pleased with all of the guys professionalism, knowledge and skill at what they do?? David was so pleased as well so please pass that on to the guys for me. Thanks too Linda for showing up that morning because David asked if you did and I think that made him feel more confident as well. To whomever needs to hear our compliments which I believe the owner is Ken…please tell him that I am happy to refer you, your crew and company to any potential clients needing tree service.

Thanks again,


Hi… Paul and Kevin have just left.  I have to tell you how very impressed I was with them: not just in terms of the service they came to provide, but also they are courteous, they are knowledge and they left our back garden tidier than they found it. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you also to Linda for her knowledge and advice, and for her patience waiting for me to make a decision.

Many thanks,


Amazing group of men, personable, extremely friendly and highly professional.


Thank you for your very prompt service and pleasant and courteous expert advice. It was a pleasure to deal with Ken and his staff.

Pat and Larry

The Four Seasons staff are always friendly and professional. I will continue to recommend their knowledge, expertise and service to friends and neighbours.


The guys are done and they did an amazing job. Each introduced themselves upon arrival and were very personable and easy to talk to all day. The trees look exactly what I’d hoped they’d look like. I had a small Pear tree stump surrounded by hostas in the middle of the backyard. I asked one of the guys if it will eventually rot and he said he’d get rid of it. What amazed me was that he dug up each hosta, set them aside, ground out the stump and then re-planted the hostas. That’s an example of how everything was beyond my expectations. I’ll definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for a fantiastic job.



We have been using the services of Four Seasons Tree Care to diagnose, treat, prune and maintain the trees on our property for the past 25 years. We have come to depend on them for superior service from all staff – from the highly skilled arborists who complete assessments and proposals, to the treatment specialists, and the professional and courteous office administration.

When we recently required four large, mature trees be removed from the property, we were reluctant to destroy our investment of time, money and years of growth, but were confident that the work would be done with precision and excellence. From the beginning of the process to obtain permits for the removal, we received excellent guidance and advice from Ken and Linda.

Sharon, Janice and Vivian always responded to our telephone calls and email queries promptly and professionally. Although Brennan was not directly involved in this project, he has been our regular application specialist for some time. We appreciate and would not want to overlook the excellent work he has always performed.

On the day that the work was completed, Shane and Elliott completed the team. They arrived early, introduced themselves, were professional and respectful, insured that copies of permits were in hand before the removal began, and executed the job skillfully and efficiently. When the stump grinding was completed and debris cleaned up, the property was left in immaculate condition. We were very pleased with the work performed and their attention to detail.

We would like to sincerely thank the entire team at Four Seasons Tree Care for your continued focus on excellence in tree care, and for always striving to exceed expectations.

With sincere appreciation,

Frank & Mary

Ken/Sharon,  just wanted to thank your whole team for the wonderful work done in removing the large oak tree from our backyard.  Even though it was a difficult job, it was done with great professionalism and care.  I did my best to express my sentiments to the crew before they left, but wanted to let you both know how pleased Debbie and I were.
Ken, I also wanted to thank you and Shane for coming in under the quote.  It is much appreciated, especially at this time of year.  Again, my thanks to all, and I wish all of you the best for the Holiday Season!

Hi Ken!

I just wanted to send you an email expressing how impressed I was with the pruning service I received from Shane and Stephan last Thursday. The guys were great! Not only did they do a FANTASTIC job pruning the very large apricot and cedar tree but also the vine at the back of the property. They took their time ensuring all the dead branches were removed and cut back from the roof/eaves troughs and cleaned up the property, leaving it in pristine shape. They didn’t even break off a single flower bud growing in the garden beneath the trees! I was extremely happy with the job and wanted to let you know.

I will certainly continue to pass on my recommendation to others looking for professional tree care services and will NOT hesitate to contact you again when in need of pruning and/or tree removal.

Thanks Ken for all your invaluable advice and excellent service and pass on my thanks to the guys as well.



Hi Sharon,

The work has been completed. I am very pleased with the work done. Shane, Elliot, Matt and Stefan are amazing. All very professional and courteous. I am glad I chose Four Seasons Tree Care. Would use your company again and recommend it to others.

Greatly appreciate Shane’s expertise also, with the other trees on my property.

With sincere gratitude,