Tree Service North York

Four Seasons Tree Care is a tree care service company that has done a lot of work in North York, beginning in 1983. We provide high quality tree care services for green and landscaping design projects and also provide tree removal and general pruning / trimming tree care services on residential and commercial properties in and around North York.

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We properly trim overgrown trees so they remain healthy, beautiful and strong for years to come. Our top priorities in tree care service are safety, aesthetics and health. Our professional crew of certified / licenced arborists enjoys planting new trees of any size to exactly the correct depth and with the appropriate structural supports.

We abide by the highest professional standards so we keep our customers satisfied and safe with our expert tree care services.

Complete our quote request for a certified arborist to visit your property in North York to provide you with a price.

tree pruning and trimming north york

Pruning / Trimming

Maintaining growth and development of your trees through regular pruning and trimming. Read more…

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Fertilization treatment will boost the tree’s own ability to protect itself from disease and infection. Read more…

tree removal and stump grinding north york

Removal & Stump Grinding

Safely remove dead or unwanted trees. Grind stump to provide space for replanting. Read more…