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tree service Toronto

Servicing Toronto Trees

It is estimated that the city of Toronto has about 10.2 million trees, up 25.3% from a decade ago. Over one quarter of Toronto’s land area is covered in trees. That a lot of tree service Toronto! Sixty percent of those trees are on private property, while the balance can be found in Toronto’s parks, natural areas and along its streets.
Proper tree service Toronto is important because mature trees–especially those that are greater than 75cm in diameter– can process ten times the amount of air pollution, store more than ninety times the amount of carbon and provide one hundred times more leaf-area to the canopy than does a 15cm diameter tree. To see a young tree through to maturity requires a lot of tree service Toronto, but because of the huge proportional increases in carbon retention and pollution control, that cost is quite dramatically offset by the benefits.

Almost half of Toronto’s trees are planted, while the remainder are regenerated by the existing trees’ natural seed production. During the years from 2004 to 2012, the City and its tree service Toronto partners planted–on average–100,000 trees per year. As long as these trees are maintained–fertilized, trimmed and protected from diseases–so that mortality rates don’t increase beyond the current 3% level, Toronto should be able to increase it’s canopy size by 40% within the next fifty years. And that means a lot more fresh, carbon free, “leaf blown” air for all of us!

Statistics for this article were obtained from a study released by the City of Toronto called “Every Tree Counts: A Portrait of Toronto’s Urban Forest”