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tree service aurora - shepherds bushWith entrances off Industry Street and Industrial Parkway South, Sheppard’s Bush is often referred to as Aurora’s crown jewel by tree service Aurora and many others. Situated in the heart of Aurora, not far from the GO station, the sixty-five acre conservation area has thirteen soccer fields and more than three kilometres of hiking trails. The small but beautiful East Holland river runs through the considerable ravine located in the center of the park whose luscious canopy is composed largely of older growth maple and pine as well as many species of plants, mammals and birds. Tree health depends upon the tree service Aurora commitment to maintaining healthy old growth and the continuous planting of new trees as well. You can walk along the park’s well groomed trails the full two-miles to Vandorf Sideroad or have a picnic in either of its two pavilions. The Sheppard’s Bush Trail is a 4.2-mile loop trail that is well-traveled, maintained by tree service Aurora and features a great forest setting that is good for all skill levels. Keep in mind that Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area is just part of a larger network of conservation areas and recreation trails along the East Holland River maintained by tree service Aurora. Starting from Sheppard’s bush you can go all the way to Holland Landing on the Nokiidaa Trail or from Palgrave to Rice Lake on the Oak Ridges Trail.

Kids will want to discover aquatic life or hunt for hidden treasure and build shelters as part of the annual Summer Nature Program. “The Haunted Forest” also makes its appearance around Halloween and public garden plots are available in the spring. Be sure to check of the historic Sheppard House and the other historic buildings including a maple syrup evaporator hut donated to the Ontario Heritage Foundation by Mr. E.R. Sheppard in 1971 and managed by the Town of Aurora and the Conservation Authority.