Tree Winterization

rabbit-eating-flowers-cherry-14596204[1]rabbit-damage-on-tree-275x355[1]Skoot Rodent Repellent is an effective method for repelling vandalizing varmints, i.e. mice and rabbits. The most obvious damage is the stripping of bark at the base of plants. Severe girdling all around the stem will kill plants. “Skoot Rodent Repellent” is a distasteful liquid that is sprayed on the lower trunk region. Skoot will not harm the animals or plants, it merely acts as a deterrent, just like garlic does with cats. Skoot is applied before snowfall and will repel for up to one half of a year.




IMG_4807Applying anti-desiccant to your trees, shrubs and sensitive plants in the fall will help prevent the damaging effects of winter kill and salt spray injury. Winter kill is often the result of foliar moisture loss during the winter months. Evergreens and sensitive plants are good candidates for anti-desiccant protection. Excessive salt causes widespread damage to trees, which could lead to permanent decline and death. Salt spray deposits itself on the stems, buds and shoots of trees. This causes disfigured foliage, stunted growth and severe decline in tree health. Anti-desiccant is a protective coating that we can apply to help reduce these injuries.